Tricks for a better sleep:

1) Don’t label yourself
2) Comfortable bed
3) Do peaceful activities
4) Eat healthily
5) Sleeping habit
6) Understand your sleeping position
7) Distract your mind

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As we all know how important sleep is for us if we count as an average 8 hours, then we spend almost 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, for something we spend half our life doing, a lot of us are pretty awful at sleeping, very fortunate people are able to sleep quickly, most of the people changes lot many positions and then finally are able to sleep.

Some people suffer due to back pain or body pain and that pain becomes the reason for their lack of sleep, however people who struggle with pain they can use good mattresses, they can exercise and can meditate which can reduce their pain and can help them to sleep nicely, but there are people who are not suffering from such pain but still fail to sleep quickly, because a lot of things go through their mind, they never allow their mind to relax, at night getting involved in conversation or in any action which takes your brain relaxation is not good especially at bedtime, bedtime is for relaxation, Good night sleep is must for your body and mind, fortunately, there are some tricks for better sleep, you can practice those tricks for better sleep, Tricks must be followed regularly so that it can become your habit, these tricks will replace your bad sleeping or awful sleeping habit with good sleeping habits.

Hence follow the tricks for better sleep regularly and properly:

1) Don’t label yourself

The reason I am starting with this point because many people label themselves, for example, I am not a morning person, or I don’t sleep at night, I will not fall a sleep at night, that’s how it works for me etc, never influence your mind with your negative assumptions, because your continuous negative influence of label will make your brain believe that yes you are like that, for example, I had a friend who used to sleep at 5 am and used to get up at 3 pm in the afternoon, when I asked him the reason for such wrong sleeping timings he said that’s how it works for him, he was never able to fall asleep at night, when I asked him what you do at night, he replied I watch movies or I play game or I chat etc, he wasn’t able to sleep at night because he was involved in the activities which were not giving time to his brain, mind was continuously working, our mind and body needs some time to relax so kindly give that time because only after that peaceful relaxing time, our mind, body will be able to get recharged and will be able to work next day with full energy, hence never influence your mind with negative assumptions or labels.

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2) Comfortable bed

Whether you agree or not, but a comfortable bed can be the greatest contribution to your sleep, even if your bed isn’t the primary source for insomnia, snoring or any problems, still it can be the great comfort for your body, hence make sure you are using the right pillow and comfortable mattresses, buy pillows and mattresses which gives relaxation to your body and mind, don’t take pillow, bed or mattresses shopping leniently,  because your right choice will give you a comfortable sleep at night, for example, some people like fluffy pillows, some like soft mattresses etc, everyone has their own choices and comforts so choose as per your comfort.

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3) Do peaceful activities

Never take your cell phones or laptops to your bed, because the bed is for peace and relaxation, don’t browse your social media pages, switch off everything or keep it away from your sleeping area and just lay down, just think positive things and don’t frustrate your brain by thinking negative stuffs, just sleep with pleasant and positive thoughts, you can also read books before sleeping, positive self-help books, do read physical book at night, don’t use digital books, because light of cell phones can irritate your eyes, hence do read books, which gives you positivity, as per research reading good self-help books can be really beneficial for your sleep, so indulge is good peaceful activities before going to bed.

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4) Tricks for a better sleep: Eat healthily

Your diet affects your body and sleep, your eating habit helps you to sleep better, hence never skip your breakfast, always eat a healthy breakfast, eat lunch and never eat spicy or too oily food at night, eat less at night and more in the morning, involve one fruit in your diet at least, never eat junk food, your diet plays a very important role, proper diet along with good exercise not only keeps your body healthy but mind too and when your mind is healthy you get peaceful sleep at night.

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5) Sleeping habit

Fix your sleeping timings, means form a habit of sleeping at the same time and wake up in the morning at the same time for example if you sleep at 11 pm then wake up at 6.30 am in the morning,  hence fix your sleeping timings and accordingly form a routine, for example, sleep at 11 pm wake up at 6 or 6.30 am then use washroom, do exercise meditate or go jogging, read a book and do your healthy breakfast, don’t use cell phones for negative purpose, only for motivational purpose, never involve yourself in negative arguments, start your day with positivity and enthusiasm, always wake up in the morning with pleasant and positive mood not with a rough mood, this routine will help you to start your day with a happy and positive note.

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6) Understand your sleeping position

Whether you agree or not sleeping position matters, hence make a conscious effort at night to  fix it when you go to bed, for example, some people love to sleep on the right side of the bed or some like to sleep on the left or wanted to cover the entire bed, hence understand your sleeping position properly.

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7) Distract your mind

You should involve in the activities which distract your mind from over thinking, for example, can count numbers, from 1 to 100 or from 100 to 1, or read self-help books or listen to calm soothing sounds which makes you feel relaxed and peaceful.

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These were some tricks for a better sleep, do tell me your tricks, thank you.


Mullah ateeq · July 31, 2018 at 9:26 am

I think must of it is useful… But still I think there should some few tricks

Lasun · July 31, 2018 at 3:49 pm

Last one i used from past 3 years

Shamshad Husain · August 15, 2018 at 3:16 pm

Good article, it will help people for healthy sleep please keep the good work up..☺

asif · September 23, 2018 at 12:00 pm

good love it

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