Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets Summary By Victoria Moran

Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets Summary By Victoria Moran

Blog Title: Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets Summary By Victoria Moran
Name: Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets To Change Your Body & Your Life Starting Today & Lasting Forever
Author: Victoria Moran
Download Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets For Free at: Audible
Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets Book available in English at: Amazon
Book size: 288 pages


Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets To Change Your Body & Your Life Starting Today & Lasting Forever
Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets To Change Your Body & Your Life Starting Today & Lasting Forever

Before discussing the book Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets by Victoria Moran, let’s first talk about this book author, Victoria Moran is an American Author and speaker, she has written a number of books specializing both spirituality and Veganism, Megan also host “MAIN STRESS VEGAN “Radio show and podcast on unity online Radio.

Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets to change your body and life book is easy to read simple and quick book, this book gives valuable information, and this book gives you inspiration and motivation when you feel down and sad, this book keeps on reminding you that what all small things you can do in your life which can add big changes and values to your life. This book contains various small chapters.

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Author says that if you want good relationship with your food and body or if you want to lose weight this book can help you really well, this book contains various suggestion which can help you to change your body and life in a better way, so let’s begin with “Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets” Summary

Chapter 1: Accept Yourself

Author says, YOU NEED TO ACCEPT YOURSELF, If you don’t accept yourself, you will not live your life and fullest and when you don’t live your life fully, then you would want some other way to get full.

Author says that we need to accept that being overweight is not disgusting, child abuse is disgusting, homelessness and starvation is disgusting, various other useless things is disgusting, but being overweight is a state, it can be a situation or it can be a threat to health in many cases, it can be a sign, or indifference or emotional distress but for sure it’s not disgusting,

Here accepting that you are overweight doesn’t mean to rationalize that overweight is okay, Nothing that diminishing your life belongs in your life, whether that’s an abusive boss, an untreated illness, you yourself need to decide your behavior around the food, is eating your habit, your weakness, sickness, raw deal whatever it is, pick a word for it, it’s something in which you participate, it’s not who you are, you need to deal with the problem, but accept yourself.

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My thought:

You need to accept yourself, but you shouldn’t get influenced by today’s media, today everyone has their own perspective related to the perfect body, being overweight is not disgusting or an embarrassment, when you accept yourself only then you will move for the betterment.

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Chapter 2: Honor who you are

Here author says you can only change your habits, if your ethnicity, your religion and lifestyle honor you and the climate where you live in, means the hours you work, and the stage you’re in, author says for many dieting is unnatural and unrealistic , but author says there is a healthy, satisfying way of eating that is natural and realistic for you.

Author says you must know yourself, you must respect yourself and should make appropriate choices based on who you are and how you live, author says when you make the alterations that will change your body and your life, that must be the ones that work for you and that honor who you are, here author says you should have healthier lifestyle and fit body mindset you shouldn’t try to become someone else.

In this chapter, author has shared various examples and also explained in detail.

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Chapter 3: Include spiritual component

Here author says there was a time in her life when she used to eat differently and used to exercise more consistently that she used to, but still she wasn’t able to do either of those things if her heart and soul wouldn’t have undergone through extensive repairs. Author says that in her case also spiritual turnaround is responsible for setting her free from overeating which is was into since 18 years. The author says she was not fat because she was ignorant about calories and abdominal crunches, but the reason she was fat because she worshiped food, she expected that food will comfort her, console her and get her through life.

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Chapter 4: As A rule eat three meals a day


Here author says that after observing maximum people who have been facing overweight problems do best or can say to maintain body fitness they eat three times a day means they have three meals a day, here author says that the reason or can say the logic behind three times meals a day is very simple, That if you start eating three meals a day then you have to stop only three times but that stopping is the actual problem.

Author says that society has set up for three meals a day, that is breakfast lunch and dinner and if you get along in this schedule then you fit perfectly with the world you live in and the people around you, but author says this doesn’t mean there can never be an exception, like you can never have tea in afternoon or you can’t have snacks in theaters or at movies you can’t have popcorn,.

Authors say nothing you eat rationally and out of choice rather than compulsion will interfere with the fit from within the process. Author also strictly recommends following three meals a day rule unless and until you are not under any medical condition which requires you to eat often.

Author has also shared that if you overeat that it’s your responsibility to manage it properly, suppose you go out and over eat then it’s your responsibility to tell yourself that I overeat yesterday so today will not eat anything or I will skip my breakfast and lunch. Author says to get back to your proper three time meals a day as soon as you realize what went wrong and from when and how you need to manage and control.

These are the only 4 chapters out of many, in this book author gives various tips through which you can become fit from within, such as walking tips, writing eating habits, eat like a healthy human being, if you have a serious problem take serious actions and many more.

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To understand every topic in detail and to become fit from within do read this book, can buy it through the below given link.

Download Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets For Free at: Audible
Fit From Within 101 Simple Secrets Book available in English at: Amazon

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