Author: Amir Levine

Attached Book Summary

Attached Book Brief Summary Those of us who are comforted by scientific facts and collections of data will get a kick out of Attached. Attached book says that our attachment style, otherwise known as being insecure or secure, stems from our earliest relationships. And we have to know what style Read more…

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Book Summary

The Magic Book Review/Summary

Before talking about The Magic Book Review/Summary, let’s first discuss the book’s author Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda Byrne is a Creator and Executive Producer of the film The Secret and the Author of books, The Secret, The Power, The Magic, and Hero. Rhonda started her Career as a Radio Producer, but Read more…

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Author: Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule Book

Before we talk about The 5 Second Rule Book let’s first discuss the Book Author Mel Robbins. Melanie Robbins Known as Mel Robbins is an American on- Air CNN Commentator, Television host, Host, Author, and Motivational Speaker. Robbins is widely known for covering the George Zimmerman trial; her TED X talk, How Read more…

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