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Verbal Judo Summary / Review

Before talking about the “Verbal Judo Summary” let’s first discuss the book’s author George J.Thompson (Doc Rhino). He is the founder of the Verbal Judo Institute, since 1983 until he died in 2011, he personally trained more than 700,000 individuals in tactical communication. He created a programme in 1983 for Read more…

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5 Best Books For Teenagers

Best Books For Teenagers: We all know the Advantages of Reading Books. No one can deny the fact that Reading leads to Success And a teen who read books apart from class assignments and project, definitely do well in school and research shows such teens definitely perform better than others who Read more…

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India 72nd Independence Day (2018)

On this 72nd Independence Day Let us Remember The Role of Freedom Fighters. How they gave their Lives to make India a free country. They sacrificed their lives to make India free from the Rule of British. Their sacrifices make India A Democratic Country. Not Only Mahatma Gandhi but other Read more…

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How To

How To Repair A Damaged or Bad Reputation

How To Repair A Damaged Reputation? No one is born with a good or bad reputation. It’s you who develop your Reputation while growing while becoming an adult. Your behavior, your actions, your commitments, your promises, your words everything is somewhere responsible for creating or of developing your Reputation. Your Read more…

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